Airbus A380: 15 Interesting Facts

Nov 13, 2013

The first fact about A380 will surprise you. Many believe that A380 is the largest plane in the world. It is not! There is one more airplane called Antonov An-225, it is larger than A380. It is russian-made aircraft and built for cargo transportation only.

  • The A380 is 24.1 meters high, 80 meters wide, and 72.7 meters long, equivalent to 2 blue whales length. The plane weighs approximately 590 tons.
  • The wings of the plane are 54% larger than the wings of a Boeing 747 aircraft.
  • The giant plane has enough space to carry approximately 3000 suitcases and 525 passengers.
  • The wings and Engines of A380 are made in England, tail and fuselage is made in Span and Germany. All parts once made are then shipped to France by ship, land for assembly.
  • The internal working temperature of the airplane's four engines is 3100 degrees. And the engines are of the same lengths as of Mercedes C-series car.
  • The A380 holds 81900 gallons of fuel weighing 560 tons. It burns 17% less fuel than other large airplanes. It consumes 4 liter of fuel in 100km per passenger.
  • Only 20 runways in the world are now handling A380 aircrafts. Others are not long and wide enough for A380.
  • 21 flight attendants work in an A380, working in 5 galleys. The flight attendants have rest apartments with beds provided for napping during long-haul flights.
  • The giant plane flies at 43,000 feet, with maximum speed of 640 miles/hour.
  • 8000 bolts are used to attach the three main parts of the aircraft. In total an A380 comprises of 4 million individual components, produced by 1500 companies, in 30 different countries.
  • The A380 is a low-noise aircraft and uses light-weight and environment-friendly components. This aircraft also has lowest emission than any other aircraft.The aircraft is designed for 140,000 flying hours.
  • If all the wiring in the A380 is laid end to end, it will stretch from Edinburgh to London - 320 miles.
  • More than 3600 liters of paint is required to paint the exterior of the aircraft.


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