It's 2024, but it's odd for two reasons

Jul 5, 2024

Developers love it, but it won't install itself. Hello, irony!

Despite technological advancements, a leading OS for developers still requires downloading and double-clicking installers or does not support a package manager natively. This outdated method disrupts workflows, wastes time, and introduces potential errors.

Apps still need to self-update

Many applications manage their updates. Using different UI and the prompt that interrupts when I need interruptions the least. Come on! how simple my life would be if I could just run a command to update all packages?

Oh! hello, update prompt I kept postponing for the last 3 months! 👋


Oh, and let's not forget about the joy of company-sanctioned spyware comes pre-installed with your computer. Thanks, CrowdStrike, for keeping our CPU hot and our IT folks employed. Can't wait for the next keystroke logger feature! (unless it's already shipped)

Mohammad Mustakim Ali

I'm a Software Engineer living in London, UK. My passion is to make *very fast* software with great user experience and I have just got little better on this than I was yesterday.