How to see your NowTV routers total bandwidth usage with unix shell

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Since it is too difficult to login to my router's console to check total bandwidth usage so far, I spent almost an hour trying to write my first shell script that logins to NowTV router console and extract total bandwidth usage for me. I must say any sort of automation is fun!

Here is the script

# An unix shell script to display total transmitted data through you NowTV router (in the UK),
# should work with Sky router with a little bit of modification
# Refresh every 2 seconds, press Ctrl+C to stop.
# Replace the `admin:nowtv` with the username:password of your NowTV router's admin credential if you've changed it.

while true; \
do \
  curl  --user admin:nowtv  2>/dev/null  \
    | grep -ioE "(\d{4,}) " \
    | grep -o '[0-9]*' \
    | sed '/^\s*$/d' \
    | awk '{print ($1*10)/1024/1024}' \
    | tail -r \
    | sed '4q;d' \
    | awk '{print "Total transmitted data: "$1" GB"}'; \
  sleep 2; \

The script is also available as gist

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