One trait that every successful person has

facts Feb 14, 2016

There’s one thing that separates very successful people from the rest. This trait is rarely discussed but I think it makes all the difference.

First of all, let’s take a look at all the people who had very moderate success so far (or no success at all). Ask them why they were not as successful as they could have been? I can bet that in 99% of cases the reason for their lack of success is going to be somewhere outside. They always blame somebody or something else for what happened to them.

– Got a shitty job?

= Because market is bad!

– Not being promoted?

= Because my boss is an asshole.

– Failed on your mortgage?

= Because the economy went down.

There’s always something.

On the other hand, every successful person that I know always tries to find answers in themselves.

– Got a shitty job?

= Because my skills are weak, I need to get a better education or work my ass off here.

– Not being promoted?

= Because I need to do a better job as an employee.

– Failed on your mortgage?

= It just was a terrible mistake, I need to learn for it and never make it again.

Successful people always analyze what they did wrong and because of that can correct their course of action. As a result of this course correction they are getting better. Little by little, they will sooner or later become successful.

Everybody who consistently tries to become a better person will sooner or later succeed.

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Mohammad Mustakim Ali

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